Wood BTU Heat Values by Species

    Wood BTU Heat Values by Species

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Wood BTU Heat Values

The way to interpret these results is to remember that BTU's are a measure of heat (energy) produced from a single cord of wood.  So, since hickory produces nearly twice the BTU's of pine, a single stick of hickory will burn about twice as long as the pine provided the stove can be dampened down to produce the same amount of heat per hour and the efficiency remains the same. Oak is one of your best bets for high energy content wood, while pine or aspen (a.k.a. poplar) will get a good hot fire going quickly since the lighter pine and aspen also burn faster.

Wood Species BTU's per Cord (Millions)
White Ash 23.5
White Birch 20.5
Paper Birch 20.3
Elm 19.5
Douglas Fir 20.5
Hickory 27.5
Sugar Maple 24.0
Red Maple 18.7
Red Oak 24.0
White Oak 25.5
Pine 14.5
Balsam Fir 14.3
Willow 14.5
Aspen (Poplar) 14.7

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