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Chain Saw Safety

  • Purchase a chainsaw which is designed for your requirements; and one you can handle comfortably.
  • Read your owner's manual and follow all chain saw safety guidelines.
  • Keep a sharp chain!  A chainsaw with a dull chain is much more likely to kick back!
  • Every time fuel is added, FILL the Chain Oil Reservoir; never allow the reservoir to go dry!
  • When felling a tree, use the proper procedure as described here. Give yourself a cleared out path as an escape route!
  • Ensure your chain and sprocket are in working order with the proper chain tension.
  • Ensure all saw safety features are working; especially the idle is adjusted properly.
  • Ensure saw maintenance is done; clean air filter, cooling inlets and sprocket cover, fill gas tank, fill chain lube reservoir, sharp teeth and correct tension.
  • Wear suitable clothing; nothing loose or hanging.
  • Use ear protection, safety glasses, and steel-toed footwear.  Chainsaw safety equipment may be found at .
  • Keep people and animals away; no talking while working the saw; keep your attention on the saw.
  • Use of drugs or alcohol should be restricted unless an accident is desired.
  • Allow saw to cool prior to refueling
  • Use only approved fuel containers and manufacturer recommended fuels and lubes.
  • Do not smoke while operating or refueling.
  • Have a safe refueling area away from flammable brush or materials.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby when fire restrictions are in force.
  • Hold saw firmly, ensure left hand encircles the top handle with thumb underneath.
  • Do not cut above shoulder height.
  • When climbing a tree, do not stand on the felled tree.
  • Begin cutting with the saw at peak revs
  • Never allow the chain to make contact with the ground to keep dirt and foreign debris out of the chain.


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