Chain Saws

What Chain Saw Should I Buy For Home Use?

If you are looking for a good quality, reliable chain saw for use at your home, cottage, or small farm/ranch; and if you cut at least five cords annually, I must recommend the  18-Inch Husqvarna Model 350 or 18-Inch Husqvarna 55 Rancher; read on if you wish to know why. 

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to purchasing a chain saw, and there are some questions you should ask yourself prior to making that purchase:       

1.  How many cords of wood do you expect to cut annually?

2.  How much are you willing to spend?

3.  Is quality, safety, and reliability important to you?

4.  Where can I have the saw serviced locally (this is important)?

Yes, there are inexpensive saws if your requirements are small.  Just as there are lower priced, lower quality saws, there are saws built for the logger who uses his saw on a daily basis to fell large stands of timber; these loggers know the size, quality,  cost, and service required to select and maintain a professional logger's saw.

I am directing this recommendation to the individual who annually cuts that minimum of five cords year after year, and who is willing to pay for quality, reliability, and the all-important local  service.  Your saw requires regular maintenance to provide safe and reliable production year after year.  There are a few good, quality lines of chainsaws manufactured; as stated, I recommend Husqvarna for the reasons listed above.


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