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Build The Circular Saw CrossCut Jig Shown on the Right
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Woodworking Power Saw Information:  Woodworking Power saws come in numerous styles and sizes; choosing the one that suits your requirements can be a challenge.  Specs to be considered:

  • If cross-cutting numerous, large pieces (4'x8' panels and larger), the investment of a Vertical Panel Saw may be suitable.
  • If cross-cutting numerous, small pieces with or without angles (2x4's, 2 x 6's, etc.) a power miter saw is a must for most all home wood shops.
  • For precise ripping of materials a table saw with extension wings is another critical must for any woodshop.
  • A quality circular saw is a must for any woodworker; with this saw and a circular saw guide, and a cross cut jig, one can perform the precise cuts required in fine woodworking.

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