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Free Saw Horse Plan

Check Out The SawHorse Building Plans Below!

Build the saw horse shown on the right with just a few tools using scraps laying around your shop!

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Introduction:  The measurements for the Sawhorse in this plan are: 

34" Wide  x  26" High  x  26" Deep

Of course, you can adjust these measurements to suit your requirements.

Materials for the Saw Horse:

2 x 4:  145"  (two, 8' Long, 2 x 4 or scrap)

Two pieces of 1/2" scrap plywood:  12" x 12"

1 x 4 (for added strength, substitute 2 x 4) scrap pine:  96 "

New wood screws:  40 @ 1 1/2" and four @ 3"

Step One, Cut End Panels

Using the 1/2" plywood stock, cut two squares 12" x 12"; these will be the end Support Panels.

Step Two, Cut Stock

Cut 2 x 4, four Legs @ 28" each.

Cut 2 x 4,  Top Rail @ 33"

Cut 1 x 4, Front/Back Support Rail, two @ 33"

Cut 1 x 4, End Support Rail, two @ 15"

Step Three, Screw Support Squares to Top Rail

Place 33" long  2 x 4 Top Rail on a flat service and place a center mark at each end.

Take the 12" squares; on one edge of each square mark the 6" center point along the one edge.  With a speed square, transfer the center mark from the edge; draw a line about two inches long from the edge toward the center of the square.

Take one 12" square and line up the center mark with the center mark on the 2 x 4 Top Rail on the right and drive two, 1 1/2" screws through the plywood into the end of the 2 x 4 Top Rail.

Repeat this same process for the left side.

Step Four, Attach Legs

Take all four 28" Legs; at one end of each leg, using a speed square, mark a pencil line across the 2 x 4, 1" from the end (this will allow for the legs to have a one-inch overhang beyond the Top Rail as shown above).

Extend the right side of the Top Rail with Support Square in place over the edge of your work service by about five inches and clamp the Top Rail to your work service. 

Take two Legs for the right side; one for each edge of the Top Rail.  Using the one inch pencil line on the leg as a guide, place the pencil line on the top edge of the Top Rail with the Leg touching the 12" End Support Square; keeping the line in place, move the lower part of the leg out at an angle until the leg meets the lower corner of the 12" End Support Square and clamp the Leg to the End Support Square as shown above. 

Drive three, 1 1/2" screws through the Support Square into the Leg. 

Drive one, 3' screw through the Leg into the Top Rail.

Repeat this same process for the other Right Leg.

Repeat this entire process for the Left Legs.

Step Five, Attach the Support Rails

Take the 1 x 4 Support Rails.

Attach the 15" End Support Rails first; the Left and the Right.

Attach the 33" Front and Back Support Rails.

Step Six, Cut the Protruding Ends

Using a saw, cut off all protruding edges, including the edges of the Support Squares.

Option:  For added support, attach a 34" Long 2 x 6 to the top of the Top Rail.

The Cheapest, Easiest, Ugliest, Most Functional Saw Horse Known to Mankind.

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