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Free Corner Jig Plan

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This corner jig is so easy to make and so easy and accurate to use, you will be kicking yourself for not thinking of doing this sooner!


Material List:

1/2" plywood; 24" x 24" square (any dimension of your choice)

2 x 4 x 4'

1 1/2" wood screws

Step 1  - Select 1/2" plywood and cut it into a 24" x 24" square or dimension of your choice; use a carpenter's square to confirm it is square.

Step 2 - Select the 2 x 4 and cut one piece to 24"; cut a second piece to 21 1/2"; ensure all edges are cut to a perfect 90 degree angle; best to use a chop saw or a miter box to ensure accurate cuts; use a carpenter's square to confirm squareness.

Step 3 - Working on a flat surface, select the 24" x 2 x 4 and clamp it to one side of the 1/2" plywood square; use the 1 1/2" screws (three or four screws) and input the screws through the plywood into the 2 x 4; ensure that the edges are flush/even; this 2 x 4 will be considered the base/bottom of the jig.

Step 4 - Select the 21 1/2" 2 x 4 and place it perpendicular to the base along the left edge of the plywood and clamp it in place; using a carpenter's square, ensure the junction of the 2 x 4's is a perfect 90 degree corner.  Screw this 2 x 4 into place.

Your corner jig is now complete and ready for action; you can now repair broken drawer panels; assemble box corners and picture frames with ease.

Hope This Jig Makes Your Day!

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