How To Frame A Corner Wall
How To Build A corner

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How To Build A Corner Wall


Check Out The Wall Building Directions Below!

1. How to frame a corner within an existing structure:  You have determined the location and dimensions  of the new wall and the "L-Shaped" corner.  You have built the first wall, Wall #1, per the instructions for "How to Build a Wall."  The three 2x4's end the wall where the corner will be built.

2. To build the second wall, measure from the base plate of Wall #1 to where Wall #2 will end.  With this measurement, cut the two top plates, and the bottom plate to size.  Install the Top Plate #1 of Wall #2 and mark the placement line for the Base Plate of Wall #2 per the instructions found in: "How to Build a Wall."

3. Select Top Plate #2 of Wall #2 and the Base plate; layout and mark the placement of the studs per the wall building instructions.

4. Cut the studs and nail them in place per the wall building instructions.

5. Lift Wall #2 into place; ensure the boards making the corner are tight and lined up with the existing wall #1.  If Wall #1 is plumb, the Wall #2 should also be plumb from top to bottom; the corner should be straight and plumb.  Nail the Top Plate into place and then secure the base and the corners at each end of Wall #2.

5. This inside view of the corner demonstrates how the three 2x4's of Wall #1 provides the nailing surface for the drywall placement when Wall #2 is nailed into position to form the corner.

6. With the wall in place, drill the necessary holes for wire or pipes; add the wire and pipes; be sure to nail any necessary metal pipe guard plates in place onto the studs.

7. Add the stud covering material of choice and have a fun day.  Access the following tips:

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