Working With 4X8 Plywood

  1. Use sharp blades – Whether cross-cutting or ripping, a sharp blade will reduce chipping.
  2. Use the Right Blade – There are a myriad of saw blades available; choose a blade that best matches your specific cutting requirements. Things to consider that affect the cut are: The number of teeth, teeth angle, teeth width, and rake of the blade. 
  3. Circular Saw – cut with the “best face” down.
  4. Table Saw – cut with the “best face” up.
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How to Paint Plywood Floors

1.  Fill in the cracks with crack filler and knock down any high spots.

2.  Use a floor sander with 220 grit to sand the surface smooth (plywood has a thin veneer).

3.  Vacuum the surface clean.

4.  Prime the surface with a high quality primer; oil based paints work best for floors.

5.  Apply a minimum of two coats of the selected color/colors and allow three days to dry.

6.  After the paint has dried, apply a minimum of two coats of non-yellowing, water-based urethane; allow two days to dry.

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