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Cordless Tool Batteries & Care

The first thing to do when using a new cordless tool for the first time, read the instructions for proper care and maintenance.

Battery Memory was an issue when cordless tools first hit the market in the 70's. After the first, initial charge of a new battery of today, there is no need to be concerned about waiting for a complete discharge prior to recharging.

When the power of a battery begins to wane, recharge it before it goes completely dead.

Do not leave a battery to stay connected to a charger after it has signaled that the battery is completely charged; this may cause over heating. If a battery is fully charged, do not recharge it as it could shorten the battery life.

Keep your batteries as cool as possible; when not in use, disconnect them from the tool and store them in a cool location; not a refrigerator.  Do not leave them in the sun; let your battery cool down before putting it on a charger.

Only put your battery on a charger just prior to when you will be using it.  Eventually, all rechargeable batteries will wear out no matter how they are maintained and used; the life of your battery depends on the following:

1. Always perform a complete charge on the charger just prior to use in a cool environment out of the sun.

2. Put a battery on the charger the moment you feel/hear the tool losing power; avoid letting the battery drain to the point of no power.

3.  Keep your charger unplugged when not in use.

4.  When a battery is in storage, ensure that the terminals are covered to avoid contact with other metal objects that can drain or short out the battery.

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