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Free Stool Plan

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Build the simple Sturdy Step Stool shown on the right in just a few minutes with just a few tools using some 3/4"  scrap boards!

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Build This Step Stool! Free Plans

This Step Stool Plan is only one design of many possibilities; it can be built in 15-minutes from the time your board hits the saw until you drive your last screw.  If you would like to replicate it, follow the simple directions below.


Material List:

One, 3/4" board:  Pine, Cedar, Plywood or any solid scrap; 8" x 4', that's it.

1 5/8" screws and wood glue (edging material if you use plywood).

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Step 1, Cut Side panels  - Select 3/4" x 8" material; Rip it to 7 3/4"; crosscut two pieces to 12 1/2".  Cut the edges to the dimensions as shown above with a miter saw.  Cut the two semicircles to the dimensions as shown above with a scroll saw.

Step 2, Cut the Support Brace - Select 3/4" material;  rip one piece @ 3 3/4"; crosscut it to 10 1/2" for the Brace.  Center the Brace between the two sides and connect the pieces with glue and four screws (counter sink the holes), as shown above.

Step 3, Cut the Top Panel - Select the 3/4" material; Rip a piece to 7 1/2"; crosscut it to 12".  Attach the top with glue and four screws, as shown above (counter sink the holes).

Step 4, Finish- Fill the holes with wood filler, attach edging if you used plywood, sand, paint or stain/poly, and attach some felt, non-scratching pads.

Your 15-minute Step Stool is now complete; the kids can now reach the faucet; enjoy.

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