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How To Build A Halloween Coffin Prop

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Free Toe Pincher Coffin Plans

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If you wish to construct a coffin, build this full-sized Toe Pincher Coffin; it can be used as a Halloween Prop or customize it as a Bookcase shown below!

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Building a full-sized, Halloween Coffin Prop can be a big hit at your Halloween party filled with a plastic liner, ice, beer, and red wine.  It can be used as a real Toe Pincher Coffin; this simple, full-sized coffin stands over six feet. This coffin can also be built and used as a coffin-style bookcase.


Material List:

Three, 3/4" x 4' x 8' hardwood plywood panel for the Sides, Bottom Nailer, Shelves, and Top Lid panels.

Four, 48" x 1/2" Metal Shelving Channel and Shelf Brackets (only if coffin will be used as a bookshelf).

48" Piano Hinge is optional if used as a Halloween Prop.

1/2 pound, 1 5/8" Woodscrews.

Shelf paper to produce paper templates.

Wood plugs and/or wood filler.

Step 1, Draw a Template - Select shelf paper and tape it together so the complete exterior footprint can be drawn.  Using a T-square or carpenter's square draw two perpendicular lines, and reproduce the dimensions as shown above. Connect all the dimensions to create the outer edge of the coffin.  The numbered angles equal:

#1 & #2 = 49 degrees each

#3 = 80 degrees

#4 = 76 degrees

#5 & #6 = 53 degrees each

Step 2, Cut the Coffin Base Side Pieces - Select 3/4" x 4' x 8' plywood panel; rip four equal-width pieces @ 12" x 8' (set your fence @ 11 7/8" to allow for the saw blade and ensure there are four, equal-width pieces) for the six side pieces. Using the dimensions and angle specs from the template, measure and cut the six side pieces. 

Step 3, Cut the Coffin Bottom Base - Select shelf paper to produce Template #2 for the Bottom Base; this base will be used as a nailer for the six side panels.  Using a T-square or carpenter's square draw two perpendicular lines, and reproduce the dimensions as shown above. Connect all the dimensions to create the outer edge of the Bottom Insert; select the circular saw cutting guide, and place it along the lines, clamp it into place, and make the appropriate cuts.. 

Step 4, Book Shelf Option- If you are going to use this coffin as a bookcase, select the shelf bracket channels; check the dimensions of the channel, and prepare your dado blade to cut the grooves to receive the channel strips.  Adjust the dado saw blades to the proper width; set the saw to cut the proper depth; set the fence to 1 1/2".  Select the two, long side panels; make the dado cuts 1 1/2" in from each edge; two passes per panel to receive the shelf channel brackets at each edge; attach the four channels to the two side panels, as shown above.

Select the 3/4" plywood panel; crosscut a shelf piece to 32 1/2" with the angled edges; rip the shelf to 11 1/4".

Step 5, Assemble the Coffin Base Pieces- Select the Bottom panel,  the solid shelf, six side panels, and dry fit the pieces.  Connect all points with glue, biscuits and/or  1 5/8" screws at the proper angles (Note:  Use dowel plugs  for the solid shelf screw holes so the shelf can be unscrewed and removed). Screw through all the side panels into the Bottom Panel to provide strength and rigidity to the coffin walls (counter sink all holes). Measure and cut to fit the other shelves desired; since the coffin sides are tapered, it is necessary to customize each shelf to size.

Step 6, Construct the Coffin Lid Cover- Select the remaining portion of the 4 x 8 plywood panel; Select the completed Coffin Base and place it upon the plywood panel; scribe the outline of the base.  With the Circular Saw Cutting Guide, cut out the Coffin Lid.

Step 7, Finish the Coffin- Attach all edging material, fill all holes with wood plugs and/or filler, sand, and apply stain and poly or paint; add the piano hinge if it will be the focal point of your Halloween Party.

Note:  If you use this coffin as a bookshelf, you must secure it to a wall stud through the back panel.

For a smaller version of this coffin plan, click here!

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