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Interior Wood Stain Information
Wood Stain Color Information

Wood Stain Information: Wood Stains have become as varied as there are types of paint.  In fact, there are now stains available in solid paint colors.   There are many considerations before you purchase the product:

1. Interior or exterior usage.

2. Typical wood stain i.e. walnut, oak, cherry, etc. or a solid color available in various colors.  These solid colors are excellent for exterior use on wood structures like T1-11 siding.

3. Water base, oil base, or the newer gel stains.

4. It is now possible to purchase a one-step, combination stain and polyurethane.

5.  Stains and poly are available in spray cans.

6. You should always consider using a wood conditioner before staining to obtain an even color and avoid blotching.

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