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How to Build A TV Stand Plan

Check Out The Building Plans Below!

Build the Entertainment Center shown on the right with just a few tools using 3/4" finished Plywood!

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This TV Stand and Entertainment Center Plan is only one design of many possibilities to place your Big Screen TV and other AV equipment!  If you would like to replicate it, follow the simple directions below.


Material List:

1 Sheet of Finished Plywood; 3/4" x 48" x 8'.

One piece of plywood, 1/8" x 48" x 48" for the Back Panel.

Two pieces of 2x4 @ 8' for the Base Frame.

Eight Framing Spikes, half pound of 1 5/8", a half pound of 1 1/4"screws and wood glue.

Four hinges for the two doors.

Edging material for all finished edges.

Eight shelf brackets for two shelves.

Two door pulls; two door pressure clips or magnetic clips to keep the cabinet doors closed.

Step 1, Build Base Frame  - Select 2x4 material; crosscut two pieces @ 44" and two pieces @ 14 1/4"; connect the four pieces with framing spikes as shown above.  Select 3/4" plywood; rip one piece to the width of a 2x4 (3 1/2"); crosscut it to 47" and connect it to the 2x4 as the finished front base panel, as shown above with glue and brads.

Step 2, Build the Side Panels - Select 3/4" material;  rip and crosscut two pieces @ 15"x 31".   Select 3/4" material; rip and crosscut two pieces @ 1 1/2" x 14 1/4" for the top support braces; attach them using 1 1/4" screws as shown above 3/4" down from the top edge and flush with the back edge.  Select the shelf brackets of your choice, use/build a hole template and drill the appropriate holes 2" in from front and rear edges @ 3/8" deep.

Step 3, Build the Bottom and Top Panels - Select the 3/4" material; rip and crosscut two pieces @ 15" x 47" for the top and bottom panels, as shown above.  Lay the Top onto the Bottom Panel with all edges aligned and clamp them tight.  Measure in 27 1/2" from the left edge; using the edge of a piece of 3/4" material scribe two lines that will represent the placement of the edges of the Center Panel; drill two, 1/8" holes, two inches in from each edge and a third hole in the center between the scribed lines (drill the holes completely through both boards).

Step 4, Build the Center Panel - Select the 3/4" material; cut a piece @ 14 1/4" x 26" for the Center Panel, as shown above.  Use the Shelf Hole Template to drill the shelf bracket holes in the Center Panel (drill completely through the Center Panel); align the holes to match up with the side panels; allow for the 3 1/2" Base Frame and 3/4" Bottom Base Cover.

Step 5, Assemble the Cabinet- #1. Attach the Center Panel to the Bottom Panel with 1 5/8" Screws from the underside into the Center Panel edge, as shown above.  Align the back edge of the Center Panel with the back edge of the Base Panel with a 3/4" reveal at the front edges.  #2. Screw the Bottom Base Panel to the Base Frame, as shown above.  #3. Screw the Left Side Panel from the outside into the Base Frame.  #4. Screw the Right Side Panel from the outside into the Base Frame.  #5. Place the Top Panel in place on the Braces and attach with screws through the pre-drilled holes into the center panel edge.  Then attach the Side Panels from the Left and Right exterior sides into the Top Panel edges.  All edges should be flush and square and countersink all screw holes.  Attach the edging material to the finished edges before you begin assembly.

Step 6, Build Finished Support Brace and Back Panel- Select the 3/4" material; cut one piece @ 1 1/2" x 47"; attach the brace with glue and brads as shown above.  Select the 1/8" material; cut it to 13 x 48 1/2; attach it to the back with brads every eight inches.

Step 7, Build Cabinet Doors - Select the 3/4" material; cut two pieces @ 13 1/2" x 25 5/8" for the two doors; attach edging material, attach hinges,  connect the doors to the side panels, and install the magnetic door stops.

Step 8, Build Shelves - Select the 3/4" material; cut two pieces for the two shelves according to the dimensions above; attach edging material and install them.  At this time, cut any holes in the Back Panel for cables.

Finish the Entertainment Center by filling all screw holes, sand, stain, and polyurethane.

Your Entertainment Center is now complete; you can now install your A/V equipment; enjoy.

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