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Free Simple Drawer Plan

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Build the Most Simple, Most Sturdy, Cheapest  Drawer  shown on the right with just a few tools and a small investment in materials! It is very easy to build a Replacement Drawer like the one shown at the right! The joints are stronger than "Dovetails."

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Material List:

3/4" Plywood 8" x 60": One piece per drawer

1" Solid Wood: 9 1/2" x 16": One piece per drawer for Front Face Panel

1/4" Plywood:  15" x 14" :  One piece per drawer for Bottom Panel

1.5" Wood Screws: 12 per drawer

1 1/4" Wood Screws:  4 per drawer

5/16" Wood Plugs: 12 per drawer (optional)


Wood Glue

Tool List:

Measuring Tape


Table Saw

Miter Saw

Palm Sander

Router w/1/4" Straight Bit and an Ogee Bit or desired edging bit

Drill/Screw Gun

9/64" Tapered drill bit w/5/16" Counter Sink Shank



Step 1, Cut the Drawer Pieces - Select the Materials. 

Determine the desired size of the drawer opening; my opening was:

 Width:  Face Frame Opening = 15 1/4" (Allowing 1" for drawer glides (1/2" on each side), the completed Drawer width is 14 1/4".

Height:  Face Frame Opening = 8 1/2" (Allow 1/2" clearance top and bottom), the completed Drawer Height is 7 1/2".

Depth:  From the Front of the Face Frame = 16" (Allow 1/4" to the back panel of the cabinet holding the drawer), the completed Drawer Length is 15 3/4".

Select the 3/4" Plywood:  Using a Table Saw, rip the plywood to the height of the drawer, 7 1/2".

Determine the interior side of the drawer material.  Using a Table Saw, on the interior side, 3/8" from the lower edge, cut a 1/4" dado x 3/8" deep to receive the 1/4" Bottom Panel.

Select the 3/4" x 7 1/2" Plywood; Crosscut two pieces @ 15 3/4" for the Side Panels. Crosscut two pieces @ 12 3/4"; one for the Front, and one for the Back Panel.

Select the two, Side Pieces; Using a Drill with a 9/64" Drill Bit with a 5/16" Countersink bit, drill six holes on each of the exterior sides (place the bottom holes above the dado slot).

Select the 1/4" Plywood; Using a Table Saw, cut the Bottom Panel @ 15" x 12" (confirm this measurement).

Select the 1" Solid Wood material; Using a Table Saw, cut the Front Face Panel @ 9 3/8" x 16".  Using a Router with a desired edging bit, router the four edges.

Select all the cut pieces and sand them.


Step 2, Assemble the Drawer- Select all pieces

Select the two, Side and Front Panel; Using glue and 1 1/2" screws, attach the two Side Panels to the Front Panel.

Optional:  Select the 5/16" Plugs; using glue, insert the Plugs into the screw holes of the Side Panels and sand them flush with the side panels.

Select the Bottom Panel; Slide it into the dado slot.

Select the Back Panel; Using glue and screws, attach the two, Side Panels to the Back Panel.

Select the Finished, Face Front Panel; Using four, 1 1/4" Screws, center and attach the Face Panel to the front of the Drawer (pre-drill the holes from the interior).

 Step 3, Finish the Drawer- Perform a final sanding and Poly the finished Drawer; add a drawer-pull of your choice.

Select the Drawer Glides; attach them per the manufacturer's instructions. 

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