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Free Couch Side Table Plan

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Build the Couch TV Tray Table shown on the right with just a few tools and a small investment in materials!

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Material List:

If ole barn boards are not available, use one piece of 3/4" hardwood plywood, 2' x 4'.

3/4" Edging Material/Trim:  162"

One piece of 1" x 5" x 9" piece of hardwood.

1 5/8" Woodscrews:  3.

Kreg Screws:  12

Finishing Materials

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Step 1, Cut the Table Pieces - Select 3/4" x 24" x 48" hardwood, plywood panel. 

Rip the plywood:  One piece @ 11" (the remaining 13" piece will be used for the Top); crosscut the 11" piece @ 24.5" for the Side Panel and another piece @ 13" for the Bottom Panel.

Select the 13" Top Piece and crosscut it @ 19.5".

Select the 1 x 5" x 9" hardwood; this will be used as the Top and Bottom Support Braces; cut it into two, equal-sized triangles and using a band saw and sanding belt, cut and sand the two braces, as shown above.

Step 2, Prepare the Pieces - Select the Top, Bottom, and Side Panels, plus the two Support Braces.

Select the Bottom Panel; on the bottom side, drill four Kreg holes at the back edge; drill three, 1/8" holes (counter sink the holes) along the center to attach the Bottom Brace, as shown above.

Select the Side Panel; along the top, inside edge, drill four, Kreg holes to attach the Top Panel.

Select the Top and Bottom Support Braces; drill the Kreg holes as shown above; one hole in the Bottom and four holes (two on each side) in the Top Brace.

Step 3, Assemble the Table - Select all five pieces.

Select the Bottom Brace and Bottom Panel; center the Brace on the pre-drilled holes in the Bottom Panel; using glue and three screws, attach the Brace from the bottom side, as shown above.

Select the Side Panel and attach it to the Bottom panel using glue and four Kreg screws, as shown above.  Use a Kreg screw to attach the Bottom Brace to the Side Panel.

Select the Top Panel and using glue and four, Kreg screws, attach it to the Side Panel, as shown above.

Select the Top Brace and attach it on center to the Top and Side Panels using four Kreg screws, as shown above.


Select the moulding; cut and attach it with glue and brads to all the exposed plywood edges (miter the corners).


Step 4, Finish the Table - Fill all holes with filler, sand, and poly. 

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