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Woodworking Saw Blades Information

Woodworking Saw Blade Information:  Saw blades come in numerous styles, quality, and sizes; choosing the one that suits your requirements can be a challenge.  Specs to be considered:

  • Determine the type of saw i.e. circular, table, band, chop, jig, etc.
  • Determine the diameter of the saw's arbor i.e. 5/8", 1", etc.
  • For quality, choose a blade that is Teflon coated and carbide tipped teeth for smooth cutting.
  • For furniture construction: Table saw; use a 10", 80-teeth blade.  Compound Miter; use a 12", 96-teeth blade.
  • For general use, a combination, carbide tipped saw blade for a circular saw is recommended.
  • A carbide tipped dado blade set makes furniture building much easier.

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