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Free Trestle Table Plans

Build Small Kitchen Table and Table Benches With These Free Plans

Check Out The Building Plans Below!

Build this small kitchen trestle table and nesting benches shown on the right with just a few tools using scraps laying around your shop!

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This small kitchen table is about 12 years old and belongs to my daughter - I customized the table and built the two benches so they nest beneath the trestle table.

Small Kitchen Tables - 
					Free Trestle Table Plans

Building a kitchen trestle table is a project that can be fun and practical.   This simple, but sturdy trestle kitchen table can comfortably seat six kids and will provide years of service.  You can build this table practically for free with the materials laying around a building site or your workshop; I used some 2x4's left over from a building project plus some 1x12 boards that I purchased.  The required 6-foot pieces will fit in the back of a small hatchback car! 


Material List:

(2) 6-foot 2 x 6 for table trestle and leg corner braces. Use pine if you wish or a good hard wood.

(12) 6-foot 2 x 4's for table frame, four legs, and bench frames. Use pine if you wish or a good hard wood.

(4) 6-foot 1 x 6's for the table top and four bench  leg braces.

(2) 6-foot 1 x 12's for the Bench Tops.

(1) 3/4" plywood or hardwood (not pine as it will shrink and twist) 4' x 4' for the Bench Sides.

(1) 1/4" plywood 4' x 8' for the table top nailer and bench top nailers.

Framing spikes to build the table and bench support boxes.  2" nails to nail the table and bench 1/4" plywood lids.

1", 2" and, 3" screws - about a 1/2 pound of each.

Step 1, Build the Table Box Frame - Select 2 x 4; cut the four pieces shown above; two pieces @ 60" and two @ 20"; nail the frame together.

Select 1/4" plywood; cut a rectangle @ 60" x 23"; nail it to the box frame; all edges should be square and flush.

Step 2, Build the Table LegsSelect the 2 x 4; cut four pieces @ 28 3/4" for the table legs; select 1 x 6; cut two pieces @ 20" for the leg cross bracing; attach the bracing to the legs with 2" screws as shown above. Use 3" screws to attach the two sets of legs to each end of the table top as shown above.

Select 2 x 6; cut four support braces @ 8" with a 45 degree angle; attach them with 3" screws as shown above.

Select 2 x 6; cut 1 piece @ 57" for the trestle support; attach it with 3" screws to the center of the 1 x 6 end braces as shown above.

Step 3, Attach the Table Top BoardsSelect 1 x 6; cut 12 pieces @ 24" for the table top boards; attach them with 1" screws through the bottom 1/4" nailer; allow a two inch overhang on each end.

Step 4, Cut and Assemble the Benches - Select the 2 x 4; cut two pieces @ 47" and two @ 9 1/4"; assemble them with the framing spikes as shown above.

Select the 1/4" plywood; cut a rectangle @ 9 1/4" x 50"; nail it to the frame with 2" nails as shown above.


Select 1 x 12; cut 1 piece @ 53" for the bench top board; attach it with 1" screws through the bottom 1/4" nailer; allow a 3/4" inch overhang on the front and back edges; allow 1 1/2" on each end as shown below.

Select 3/4" plywood; cut two rectangles @ 11" x 17 1/4" for the bench end panels; attach each end with one 2" screw into the 2x4 brace as shown above.

Select 3/4" plywood or 1 x 12 pine; cut four right triangles @ 8" sides for the bench end panel braces; attach each brace with four 2" screws as shown above.

Select 2 x 4; cut it to 50"; measure four inches up from the floor and attach this rail on center between the two end panels with four 3" screws as shown above.

Use a filler to fill all the screw holes, sand your table, prime, and paint/stain to suit; and you are ready to sit and eat comfortably on your new trestle table.

Here is the finished trestle table and benches built with plans featured here!

U-BILD Trestle Table Plan at

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